By Energy Allies /


Our services support Australian businesses in order to fulfil their sustainability reporting and disclosure requirements by providing the data needed for operational energy consumption and Scope 2 emissions.

Just to name a few, our data supports the following:

  • GRI
  • BIA
  • SDG
  • CERT
  • Climate Active
  • TCFD

Not only do our services support other businesses to strive for and achieve sustainability goals, Energy Allies has kept social and environmental impact at the core of what we do at an operational level as well.

As our business has developed, we have maintained a strong commitment to understanding and managing our impact on people and planet. This means that we regularly analyse our operations to ensure we are doing the best we possibly can.

To take it a step further, we have recently submitted a BCorp Impact Assesment with B Lab – a global non profit organisation who independently assesses and verifies businesses, and awards BCorp certification to those who uphold the highest standards of social and environmental impact. We look forward to moving through this process and learning more!

We are also developing our very own Sustainability Impact Statement which will outline our progress to date and our strategic objectives moving forward.

Why do what we do?

Ultimately, we know that Energy Allies operates within broader systems that rely on positive impact to survive, and if they don’t survive, neither does Energy Allies.

So whether you call it sustainability or self preservation, Energy Allies is committed to playing its part in being a responsible corporate player and enabling other businesses to do the same. Decoupling economic activity from social and environmental exploitation is absolutely possible and a win win for all, so why not? Let us show you how! Learn more about what we do.

Exciting things are in the works. Watch this space!