Metering and Monitoring
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Metering and Monitoring

Quick summary

Energy Allies’ systems use a mix of software and hardware for metering and monitoring of data to expertly analyse energy performance.

Metering and monitoring systems are a cost-effective way for NSW businesses to manage and reduce their energy use.

Energy Allies’ systems use a mix of software and hardware to collect and analyse data about energy performance. This data can then be utilised to assist businesses in saving energy and cutting costs. A well-planned and tailored metering and monitoring system can save your business energy and money. Typical energy savings our customers experience can range from 5% to 15%.

Metering and monitoring systems can help your business by:

  • identifying simple, low-cost improvements to your systems and processes
  • identifying energy-saving opportunities that build the business case for equipment upgrades
  • improving your energy management and reducing site operating costs
  • granting access to Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) incentives, where some activities require a minimum level of metering to already be in place
  • getting a NABERS energy rating for your business/building.

The NSW Government are investing $12 million to support businesses throughout the metering and monitoring process. This metering package will include support to install meters and access expert services to develop comprehensive metering and monitoring plans. This will help businesses overcome some of the obstacles to implementing energy efficiency projects.

The metering package includes the following offers. Each offer will assist businesses at a different stage of the metering and monitoring process. These offers will be rolled out over the next 5 years.

Metering and monitoring planning offer:

  • Investigate and collect existing data
  • Identify sub-metering gaps
  • Develop a detailed plan

Metering Grants

  • Install metering solutions
  • Configure data for reporting

Energy Performance Services Offer

  • Monitor and analyse data (ongoing)

Submetering Grants

The NSW Government will fund up to 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing submeters on equipment, up to $20,000 per site. Businesses can apply for funding for multiple sites across NSW. All projects must be complete by 30 June 2023. The applications are now open.

Metering and Monitoring Planning Offer

The government will support NSW businesses to establish comprehensive metering and monitoring plans to allow for energy productivity improvements. The plans will identify submetering gaps and offer a costed proposal to implement recommendations for improving metering and monitoring systems. Applications are opening late in 2022.

Metering Plan Implementation Grants

The Government will fund up to 50% of the cost of implementing the recommendations from approved metering and monitoring plans. Applications are expected to open in the first half of 2023.

Energy Performance Services Support

The Government will support NSW businesses to make the best use of their existing metered data to consistently improve energy productivity and efficiency. Applications are expected to open in 2024.

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