The Benefits of Energy Monitoring
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The Benefits of Energy Monitoring

As the name suggests, energy monitoring is the process of monitoring energy consumption, whether that’s an entire building or an individual asset.

Energy monitoring software provides vital insight that can help to control and conserve energy in the future. Without conducting energy monitoring, you won’t be able to distinguish where inefficiencies lie within your business to effectively rectify the situation. Energy Allies offers extremely effective energy monitoring services to assist you in getting on top of your energy usage.

Accurately Measuring Your Energy Usage

When you look at a utility bill, it provides a final amount of usage and cost, broken down only by gas or electricity. However; it cannot directly tell you where the usage came from or the reasoning behind the different costs each month. Subsequently, it doesn’t provide business and home owners with the adequate information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Get On Top of Identifying Issues

According to the Carbon Trust, typically 20% of all business’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of inefficient equipment. Effective energy metering and monitoring on a granular asset level continuously monitors equipment’s performance and energy output and instantly recognises when an asset is not operating at an optimal level.

Monitoring in Real-Time

Energy monitoring becomes even more effective when it is conducted in real-time. As soon as an asset breaks down, instant notifications can be sent to the maintenance team to rectify the situation before excessive amounts of energy is put to waste. In addition, the continuous monitoring and analysis of equipment data means predictive maintenance can occur, so assets are able to continue to operate efficiently at all times with fewer failures. Thus, this reduces the cost of factory downtime.

Case Study | Corex Plastics

Corex Plastics is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of rigid plastic sheets, with brand names including Corflute, Fluteboard and Armaboard, and over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of innovative plastics. Located in Dandenong South, Victoria, Corex Plastics is a member of the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA).

Corex subsequently installed an energy metering solution so the business could properly monitor its energy spend. This has enabled Corex to:

  • Slash energy waste – Corex has saved in excess of $200 a day on non-production days by identifying energy load on lines that were meant to be switched off;
  • Accurately assign the true cost of energy to each product type and production line – Corex is now able to identify where the costs are being absorbed by both line and expense centre to provide a true and accurate picture of the way energy is consumed within the business;
  • Optimise production lines – meters have revealed previously unknown inefficiencies, resulting in big wins, such as 50% savings from a single water pump;
  • Identify and prioritise efficiency opportunities based on actual energy performance and predicted cost savings
  • Measure and verify cost savings.
  • Identify the most profitable lines and avoid subsidising less efficient products and lines;

The introduction of energy metering and energy management systems has reduced Corex’s average cost of energy per kilo of plastic by 15%, and is enabling a new, ongoing program of continuous improvement in energy management.

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